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The Scarecrow / El Espantapájaros

RJB Scarecrow cover.jpg

It tells of a scarecrow who is stuck in a field. During the day, when the wind spins him around, he sometimes looks at the scarecrow in the next field and wonders what she is thinking.

Scarecrow moon flight.png

What should he do?

The crows in the field know how to fly.


Perhaps he should ask them for their advice.

What happens? What advice does he get from the crows?

To find out, you can buy The Scarecrow, price 18€, from R&J Books.

All copies will be signed on request by the author. 

The Scarecrow is written by Justin Horton of R&J Books and illustrated by Javier Hernández. (Please visit his website!)

The story appears in two languages. Open the book at one end and it is in English. Open it at the other and it is in Spanish. 

Scarecrow other scarecrow.png

At night, he often looks at the moon and when he does, he thinks that he would like to fly there.

But instead, there he is, stuck in his field.

Scarecrow crow.png

Best book published in Aragón 2019.

Scarecrow prize.jpg
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